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nwff 2019 presentations


Sawah (Luxembourg)

Dir. Adolf El Assal
86 mins

Samir (Karim Kassem), a DJ from Cairo, is invited to play in Brussels — the gig of a lifetime. Just as a revolution breaks out in Egypt, his plane is rerouted to a country he's never heard of before: the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It all goes awry when he loses his passport and is mistaken for a refugee, forcing him to navigate an absurd tangle of eccentric characters and events. The colourful film shows Samir’s adventures and new encounters on the way to recover his identity.

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Apex Survival: Maiden Voyage (South africa)

Dir. Jakes Jordaan
60 mins

An inspiring global organization of shark experts and conservationists — led by a team of strong women — join forces to follow a migratory route of the great white sharks.


Soldiers without Guns (New Zealand)

Dir. Will Watson
95 mins

This documentary follows the journey of ANZAC soldiers in the 1990s as they land unarmed in the heat of a decade-long civil war. Using only the weapons of music, Maori culture and love, the soldiers must work together to create peace on a ravaged Pacific Island. This film shines a light on the story of Bougainville’s unsung heroes and their very own “mission impossible”.


Nwff After dark showcase

120 mins

Introducing NewWest FilmFest’s first instalment of After Dark — a selection of our most mysterious and unearthly films.


NWFF Shorts collection

94 mins

NewWest FilmFest is proud to present our curated short films program of 2019 — featuring documentaries, comedies, and dramas that dive beyond their minute mark.


My Name Was January (Canada)

Dir. Elina Gress, Lenée Son
26 mins

When a trans sister, January Marie Lapuz, is brutally murdered in her own home, her community comes together to voice their issues, concerns and challenges. My Name Was January is a memorial of January’s life and light, a call for justice for January and trans women of colour everywhere, and a refusal to lose another sister to transmisogynistic violence.


Finding Bobbi: A search for self (Canada)

Dir. Scot Morison
67 mins

A heartache-filled but triumphant life journey of a transgender actor unfolds against the backdrop of her return to stage after 23 years as a woman, in an LGBTQ+ production of Oklahoma! at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


Newwest filmfest 2019 SCHEDULE


New West Film Society is led by a group of passionate film aficionados who want to share their love of film with the community to spark appreciation, conversation, and culture, itself. Its signature event is a 3-day October festival held annually. It has steadily grown in popularity and has evolved over the years since its inception in 2011.

The New West Film Society was begun by a committed group of environmental and social activists who focused on relevant documentaries. In 2015, the society re-branded itself as the New West Film Society and widened its fare to include contemporary feature films and documentaries on many subjects, while still paying homage to its roots. More recently, it has taken on the mantle of the “filmmakers festival”. Rather than going through curated sources of films, such as the Toronto International Film Festival, it now solicits filmmakers directly – locally, nationally and internationally. This has allowed the society to create a unique festival with films of strong local relevance and also to bring to audiences to films from across Canada and around the world that aren’t seen on local screens or at other festivals.

The NewWest FilmFest is the mainstay of the society, but it is also expanding its wings to create other film events throughout the year, sometimes in partnership with others.

Over the years, the non-profit organization has partnered with a number of organizations and has been generously supported by local businesses, grass-roots organizations, the Arts Council of New Westminster, Green Ideas Network and New Westminster Environmental Partners.

This year, 2019, it will be our “Big Five” anniversary and we are working hard to make it a banner year.


NWFF Membership ($1)


To attend films at the NewWest FilmFest, Oct. 18 - Oct. 20, 2019, you must be age 18 or older and a member of our film society unless otherwise stated. 


Under the laws of our province, only registered non-profit film societies such as NWFF are allowed to screen films that have not been classified by Consumer Protection BC.  Only members are permitted to be present at the place where a non-classified film is being exhibited.


To attend a film screening at NewWest FilmFest (which may not have been classified by Consumer Protection BC), you must be a NWFF member.

The annual membership fee is $1. Please carry your membership card with you at all times, as you will be required to show it at all NWFF screenings. The membership card is valid until July 31, 2020.

$1 Membership is included in NWFF’s Festival Pass.




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