october, 2020

octAll It Gives



Fri, Oct 16, 2020 12:00AM


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Showcasing one of Toronto’s best up and coming Hiphop dancing stars, ‘All It Gives’ follows the story of Kosi Eze, a Nigerian immigrant who moved to Canada when she was 14. Her transition to the country brought immense culture shock, loneliness and loss of identity. She was immediately hooked by the vibrant HipHop scene in Toronto and Mississauga. After meeting key members of the dance community Marcelino ‘FrostFlow’ DaCosta, Mariano ‘Glizzi’ Abarca and Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser, she was able to meet even more new people, share perspectives, and excel as a dancer in the Toronto community and beyond. From dancing in the hallways at her high school, to winning battles across the globe, Kosi’s story of growth is a glowing example of how the power of Hiphop can inspire, uplift and support anyone who needs it and wants to discover it.

Cast: Kosi Eze, Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser, Marcelino ‘FrostFlow’ DaCosta, Mariano ‘Glizzi’ Abarca

Director: Talia Woodland

Writer: Talia Woodland, Matthew Takatsch