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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 12:00AM


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Anjana and Stephen are an unlikely couple – Anjana is a powerful corporate lawyer from a religious family and Stephen is an unassuming and hardworking small business owner living in the country. They met at a bar while Anjana was articling. Anjana found Stephen charming and easy to talk to – different than her colleagues. Stephen liked that Anjana was assertive and articulate – her beauty was striking to him. Their love was intense, urgent, passionate, and serendipitous. What they could not predict was how their deeply rooted traditions would resurface when faced with an unexpected loss. Will their grief become ever consuming? How will their relationship survive? Was their love always fleeting? In this narrative short film, we explore themes of grief, love, traditional masculinity, and intercultural relationships, which is set in the city of Edmonton and country of Lindale, Alberta.

Cast: Noori Gill, Everett Havet, Abbie Munn, Faizel Janmohamed, Leena George

Director: Jananee Rasiah, Abhilash Mathew

Writer: Jananee Rasiah, Alex Paikada