NWff after dark


red moon (Canada)

Dir. Thomas Chrétien
4 mins

On the night of a red moon, a succession of strange events make Ben (Michael Smith) question what is real and what isn't. As the feeling of being hunted grows, so does the suspicion that it's all connected to the moon itself.


Siren (Canada)

Dir. Christopher Beaubien
16 mins

On a desolate road at night, two lovers are pulled over and brainwashed by a sinister police officer.


Blurred vision (denmark)

Dir. Ivan Elmer
90 mins

Andre (Niklas Herskind) and his newfound girlfriend are pregnant with their first child. Full of hope for the new life to come, he starts an ambitious microbrewery project. As the pregnancy progresses, disturbing secrets from the past are revealed. André finds himself entangled in a web of lies as he fights for his own and his unborn baby’s life.