NWFF 2019 Shorts collection


Non è una bufala (italy)

Dir. Niccolò Gentili & Ignacio Paurici
16 min

Renzo (PierGiorgio Bellocchio), lives alone in an apartment that he has turned into a bunker. Convinced himself that jihadist terrorism is on the verge of attacking Italy, he decides to take justice on his own by sending a bombshell to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.


Chickens (USA)

Dir. Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr
12 mins

Two racist cops try to cover up killing an unarmed black teen. Things don’t go as planned.


Olivia’s Ghost (Canada)

Dir. Chad Costen
6 mins

Olivia thought her time at summer camp would be a nightmare, but she never expected to be so right. The 13-year-old soon faces her greatest fears when a child with no name leads her into the woods that hold the dark and sinister secrets of Mister Sandman. Terrified, Olivia is left to wonder if it was just her imagination or if her nightmares had indeed come true.


L’Alternativa (Italy)

Dir. Marco Cossini
9 mins

Fired from his job, abandoned by his wife, and feeling like a failure, Rosario (Rosario Petix) wants to end it. Approached by a security guard, he is given an alternative.


Undermine: beneath Canada’s ghost towns (Canada)

Dir. François Desrosiers
17 mins

A mine explorer visits two of the largest ghost towns in Canada and enters the long abandoned mines under them to see what remains.


Film’s final curtain (Canada)

Dir. Linday McIntyre
23 mins

The current digital age brings filmmakers across the world to come together and mourn the death of film.


Asocial world (Italy)

Dir. Mattia Trezza
11 mins

Two internet technicians decide to switch off an entire town’s internet connection during their lunch break.